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Currently, a lot of people are favored and interested in tube ice machine, ice cube maker, because of the convenience, savings and its safety. Are you curious to know why it is so that? Let Viet An General Trading Joint Stock Company find out about products through the article below.

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Tube ice machine 1 ton and 2 tons – USApec-VA

When demand for refreshments in the hot days increase. It is time for substandard ice is appeard without hygiene food safety. The implications of using these dirty ice will caused human health go down – it bring many diseases for people like gastrointestinal sick (minor illness, buying medicine – serious illness, come to hospital). There have been many information guide people to use pure ice, clean ice – however sometimes because of personal interests – people ignore that advice. Perhaps, the ice business enterprises are afraid of having to invest in buying these types of ice tube maker due to producing pure are high cost. But now, it is no longer matters that people have to worry anymore. Let Viet An helps you!


With Viet An, Tube ice machine is designed in American technology – it has been imported and assembled in Vietnam. With its compact design, run fully automatic – These ice tube maker, ice cube maker will ensures pure ice producing process, which reduce labor cost and safety.

Tube ice machine which get pure water as raw materials to make ice – so it ensure that pure ice achieved Viet Nam standards of food safety 6-1-2010/MOH. Especially, ice tube maker are manufactured according to high technology, so consuming less power. It is considered as an effective solution for businesses which are producing and will produce ice in the coming time.



In Vietnam, Viet An General Trading Joint Stock Company located at No. 615 Nguyen Hoang Ton street, Tay Ho District, Ha Noi, (Tel 09 42 41 41 41). We are one of the leading companies, specialize in providing tube ice machines. Come with us, you will be consulted carefully about the series of ice tube maker with a full range of capacity from 120 paunds ton to 100 tons per day (or others).


With the US and Japan technology, the price of tube ice machine ranged from several dozen VND million to several VND billion – all are depend on the capacity of the ice tube maker. In addition depending on some other factors.

Ordinal No.Capacity / day Price in VNDTechnical specifications
1Ice maker machine 1 ton169,000,000Details
2Ice maker machine 2 ton199,000,000Details
3Ice maker machine 3 ton249,000,000Details
4Ice maker machine 4 ton249,000,000Details
5Ice maker machine 5 ton299,000,000Details
6Ice maker machine 6 ton329,000,000Details
7Ice cube maker 7 ton349,000,000Details
8Ice cube maker 8 ton379,000,000Details
9Ice cube maker 9 ton419,000,000Details
10Ice cube maker 10 ton459,000,000Details
11Ice cube maker 11 ton489,000,000Details
12Ice cube maker 12 ton519,000,000Details
13Ice machine 13 ton559,000,000Details
14Ice machine 14 ton599,000,000Details
15Tube ice machine 15 ton659,000,000Details
16Tube ice machine 20 ton819,000,000Details
17Ice cube machine 25 ton999,000,000Details
18Tube ice maker 30 ton1,199,000,000Details
19Ice makers for sale 40 ton1,599,000,000Details
20Ice making machine 50 ton1,989,000,000Details
21Ice tube maker 60 ton2,199,000,000Details
22Flake ice machine 100 ton3,899,000,000Details

For more detailed information about these kinds of tube ice machine, as well as the price – you can contact to us through the number 09 42 41 41 41 or come direct to address: No 10 – N6, Lane 40, Xuan La Street, Tay Ho District, Hà Nội. Tel: (043) 7589 222. Fax: (043) 7591.795. Hotline: 094.511.2468.

Warranty, maintenance for ice cube maker, tube ice machine


The best enterprises in Vietnam for manufacturing and providing ice makers for sale

When using Viet An General Trading Joint Stock Company’s tube ice machine you will be warranted, maintenanced free over the whole country. Duration of warranty, maintenance has been written in the contract signed by both parties.


Our company with over 10 years experience in making ice cube, shaved ice, tube ice machine which has provided Vietnam market and foreign markets thousands of machines for making cube ice with different capacity. Here, we will offer some typical customers, who have used Viet An’s tube ice machine.

Binh Minh tourism Joint-stock Company

Address: ward 9-Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh was using purified ice machine 50 tons

Price: 2.4 billionVND installed in 2013.

Pharmaceutical Company Limited Hoang Lien

Address: Lot H6, D5 road, IPs Hoa Xa My Xa commune, Nam Dinh City, Nam Dinh Province has used distilled water filtration system 4500 L / H.

Co., Ltd. manufactures and trade Doan Duong

Address: Don village, Yen Trung Commune, Yen Phong, Bac Ninh has used water filtration system with capacity 1000L / h.

Dong Duong international contruction and trading join stock company

Address: 2 Le Van Thiem – Thanh Xuan – Ha Noi, set up an tube ice machine 25 tons in LAO with price 1.750.000.000 VND.

Mr Ba Long in Gia Lai

It has installed 14 tons of cube ice machine – value: 950 million VND, installation time: September 2014.

GT JSC Viet An ensure products of ice cube machine, ice tube maker, ice making machine, flake ice machine sold are the best on the market. Coming to our – you will be used the best tube ice machine – to make the best ice, with best quality!

Video machines for producing purified ice USApec:

Please contact to us – Viet An General Trading Joint Stock Company – when you want to own the best quality purified tube ice machine.

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If you have any questions about the demand for purified tube ice machine, ice cube maker please contact the nearest Viet An branch for advice and support. Or call 0943 41 41 41 (HOTLINE)

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